About us

Established in 2014, Homey.Home began its journey at a small kiosk selling home décors throughout the charming city of Vancouver.

After rapid development in just one year, we have expanded and launched our first retail store in Richmond Centre. From décors to blankets, and from cushions to furniture, Homey.Home offers it all. We have grown into a full-service interior styling firm that offers not only home staging, but also design for living that caters into our client’s property.

Homey.Home is a team full of dedicating designers who have natural instinct about enriching any interior space. We strive to provide client-oriented service and we will go extra miles to embellish your home.

Whether it is home staging or design for living, Homey.Home will be your Number One destination for all your home inquiry.

Come meet with us, we’d love to meet with you!

Mission Statement

“To serve the community with our passion for design, and to make your home ready for better living.”

What We Do / Services

Home Staging
Home Staging is to enhance, to style and to furnish a given space. With the dynamic real estate market in Metro Vancouver, it is important to have your property outshine in competence of other homes.

At Homey.Home, we work closely with many Homeowners and Top Realtors, so we understand that buying and selling a property could be the biggest investment or life decision anyone could make. Thus, making a strong first impression of your home to potential buyer is extremely crucial.

We strive to create a space that allows a buyer to envision and visualize how an interior can be functioned in a positive way. By transforming an empty dark room to a lively space with gold chandeliers, we will market your home into a memorable listing and evoke emotional reactions from prospective client.

With a keen eye for attention to detail, Homey.Home may also help to increase the price of your property, as staging could assist in making a space look bigger and brighter with the proper adjustment to the furniture, lighting as well as décors.

Our designers work collectively and cooperatively to create solutions to any given project. We aim to provide a homey, whimsical and fresh look to your listing that will allow the buyer to want to move in!